SIR - Wine and Regrets

One of my favorite projects that I’ve ever been a part of was released today. SIR has shared their new EP, Wine and Regrets, completely free.  You can stream it on their page at, or shoot an email to myself or and we will get you a full digital copy with artwork to download.

From a production standpoint, the emphasis was on finding a way to blend raw, organic tones with the electronic and synthesized elements that these guys brought while making sure everything was cohesive in the end.  We kept a “no-rules” approach, if it sounded good, then we were going with it.  We recorded a couple songs on an old, beat-up snare head with a towel on top. We intentionally kept extra noises that found their way in to the recordings, sometimes purposely tweaking them to create additional rhythmic elements. We ran the gamut from completely dry, unaffected guitars running through a vintage National amp, to guitars so drowned in reverb and other effects that they almost become a new instrument altogether. 

SIR came in with a vision, and the talent to execute it, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it! Enjoy!

A Life In Arm's Reach - Apathy Fight Song

The dudes from A Life In Arm's Reach just released this video for "Apathy Fight Song."  This song is one of my favorites from the upcoming full-length "Vintage Postcards" I produced that is being released this summer. Dig it!

Four Year Strong

Check out this teaser commercial for the Four Year Strong EP, "Go Down In History".  We recorded this in the Spring at The Machine Shop and it comes out July 22nd on Pure Noise Records!

New site

Thanks for coming to my brand new website!  I typically suck at keeping my social media updated but am going to be making an effort to get better at it, along with updating this blog to reflect what is going on with me personally and recording-wise.

Quick two-year recap:
I left my studio in Irving, TX in late 2012 and moved out to North Jersey to work at Machine Shop Productions with one of my all-time favorite producers, Machine.  He has been a huge inspiration to me both throughout my production career and even before that when he was doing records like Boys Night Out's "Trainwreck" and Every Time I Die's "Gutter Phenomenon", so to call it an exciting opportunity for me would be a huge understatement.  I got to work with so many amazing bands and people while I was there but last month, I made the move back to Texas.

Not that Belleville, NJ wasn't an interesting place to live, but The Machine Shop is relocating to Austin, TX so I will be moving there in July!  In the meantime, I have been in Dallas working on a full-length album with A Life in Arm's Reach, and a new EP with Steve Stanley and The Mercs.

So there you have it, two years recapped in two tiny paragraphs.  Keep checking back as I will be posting more studio updates, pictures, and stories that I think are cool or funny! Thanks friends!